Motley Crue Are Back

In time for The Dirt release

Motley Crue Are Back Image: Motley Crue,

The glam rock pioneers have shocked fans with the news they’re back together.

The rock’n’roll bad boys announced on social media they’re back in the studio working on 4 new tracks:


Although it’s great news, fans are shouting at the devil calling the band “fakes” and “sell outs” as the band signed a contract in 2014 to never perform together again.

Frontman Vince Neil has stepped in to defend the band on his official twitter:


With Netflix bringing the band’s raucous story The Dirt to screens later this year, it’s likely the band are laying down some new tracks for it’s soundtrack.

Either way we’re stoked to see this awesome foursome back together.

Let's go back to when Guns N Roses drummer Steven Adler told us when he saved Nikki Sixx's life:

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