Top 5 Bands That Have Recorded At The Joshua Tree

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Top 5 Bands That Have Recorded At The Joshua Tree

Since U2’s incredible and timeless album The Joshua Tree many of rock bands have followed in their foot steps.

The album, that is 30 this year has influenced the rock music scene more than anyone expected.

There’s something in that desert air that has created some of the best sounds in rock.

We count down the top 5 recordings from Joshua Tree.

5. Eagles Of Death Metal.
The Californian rock band, lead by Jesse Hughes and Josh Homme,have made made 4 straight up rock’n’roll albums in the dessert, including the chart topping, 2015 released Zipper Down.

4. Foo Fighters.
The 2014 concept album saw the American rock band travel the USA, writing and recording in the most influential places of the country.
The band wrote and recorded Outside at Rancho De La Luna, Joshua Tree that features Joe Walsh of the Eagles.

3. Arctic Monkeys.
On the latest and most successful record to date, the Arctic Monkeys AM was recorded in the desert location, giving a slower, rock sound that was new for the band.

2. Iggy Pop.
When working with Josh Homme, punk rock pioneer Iggy Pop’s latest offering, Post Pop Depression, a dark record seen as a tribute and goodbye to David Bowie, the sad, deep sounds were captured at…. you guessed it Joshua Tree.

1. Queens Of The Stone Age.
Common thread with all of the acts in this countdown? QOTSA frontman Josh Homme.
The rock musicians been involved with all of the acts in our countdown and has not only collaborated with a huge variety of acts but the band was born in Joshua Tree and thankfully never looked back.