Toowoomba Business Wins US Contract

Wagners wins US contract

Toowoomba Business Wins US Contract Image: Wagners / The 24m span "Mercy Bridge" — in Dalby

Local business Wagners have just signed a contract with a United States business in Florida to build boardwalks.

The company is set to design a series of boardwalks and jetties in Ocala, north central Florida.

The boardwalks which, will be part of an innovative aquifer recharge park, will cross over two of three proposed ponds and trails, which encompass the ponds and the larger park.  The boardwalks will total 500 metres in length.

The product being used for the project will be Wagners CFT (Composite Fibre Technology), it has an expected 100-year design life on the engineering and materials that would not need maintenance for at least 30, possibly 50 years,  helping to solve the cities long-term problem associated with their boardwalks with traditional materials like wood, steel, and even concrete are subject to decay.

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