Emergency Services Respond to West Lamington Crash

Four in Vehicle of Interest injured

Emergency Services Respond to West Lamington Crash

Emergency Services have responded to a serious vehicle crash involving two vehicles at the Corner of Shaw and Collins Street in West Lamington. The incident occurring just after 2:30pm also involved Police. 

According to Goldfields Esperance District Inspector Tony Colfer

"Police have been patrolling the area, They have sighted a vehicle of interest That vehicle has sighted Police and has taken off at speed and has blown the Stop Sign at what appears to be speed. We have got four injured persons"

It wasn't a pursued vehicle, all we know is the vehicle took off from Police vehicle and blew a stop sign at speed and we have injuries

One serious injury - he was taken to Hospital and Three more, just by looking at the victims, they have head and facial injuries. The injuries were from the one vehicle".

Its believed the more serious injuries occurred to those in vehicle which attracted the Police Interest. When asked if Police Lights were activated, Inspector Colfer could not comment at  this point.