Resource Industry Network "Chairman Awards"

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Resource Industry Network "Chairman Awards"

As media partners with the Resource Industry Network, Triple M are supporting the upcoming "Charimans Awards".

Here are the award categories:

The Safety Foremost Award – Sponsored by Ergon Energy Awarded to an organisation that can demonstrate a sustained safety performance and/or culture in a workplace incorporating both physical safety and mental wellbeing.

Leading from the Front Award Awarded to the organisation that best demonstrates how they successfully engaged with their employees to deliver a better outcome for their people or their business.

Connecting in the Community Award - Sponsored by Local Buying Foundation Awarded to the organisation that best demonstrates how they successfully engaged with the community or external stakeholders.

The Chasing Foreign Markets Award Awarded to an organisation that demonstrates the most initiative or success in taking a product or service to the export market or using foreign markets or supply chains to improve their business outcomes here domestically.

The Out of the Box Award – Sponsored by North Queensland Bulk Ports Awarded to an organisation that has demonstrated the most initiative in seeking out new opportunities for their business either through innovation in new products or services, diversification into new markets, or adapted to meet the current environment.

Standing out from the Crowd Award – Sponsored by Adani Awarded to that one outstanding individual working in your business who has demonstrated commitment and dedication and resilience in current market conditions.

The Tony Britton Award Awarded to a person who demonstrates dedication, enthusiasm and support outside of their own business interests for the benefit of the wider resource services sector and/or local community. This category will be run each year at the discretion of the Resource Industry Network board.

Know someone who might fit the category, or the nominations?

Nominations close 5pm Friday, 7th April 2017. Judging will take place on Friday, 21st April. Sponsorship opportunities are still available. Contact us on 4952 4184 for more information.