The Espy Is Re-opening Soon - This Is What You Can Expect

Thanks to the guys from Sand Hill Road

The Espy Is Re-opening Soon - This Is What You Can Expect

It was a sad day for all Melbourne music lovers when St Kilda pub, the Epsy, shut down in March 2015.

For a couple of years it was left to rot, abandoned due in part to noise complaints from surrounding residents.

That was, until it was bought by the guys from Sand Hill Road in March 2017, who are a community pub group responsible for pubs like the Garden State Hotel, The Bridge Hotel, The Terminus and tons of other great places to have a beer.

The Urban List sat down with the people responsible for the revamping of the Espy, and there's tons to be excited about.

There'll be live music 7 nights a week, set to cater for whatever you like to spend your evenings listening to.

There'll be two restaurants, and 60 chefs, so there's no way you'll go hungry.

The original furnishings are set to be re-installed, so it'll be like the Espy you remember, only even better.

There's a podcast studio, for those wanting to discover the next Serial as it's being recorded.

By Ben Madden

And so much more.

The expected date for the relaunch is the 11th of November this year, so make sure you've got it pencilled into your diary!

For information, make sure you check out their website here.