Are The Australian Migration Laws Too Strict?

Migrants contribution to society

Are The Australian Migration Laws Too Strict? Australian Human Rights Commission

Australia’s migration intake has hit a 10-year low, with a 10% drop in the last financial year alone, largely due to the strictness of Australian migration laws.

According to the Treasury and Department of Home Affairs, 65% of jobs created over the past 5 years have been a result of migration, and by 2050 it’s expected that migrants will contribute $1.6 trillion to Australia’s GDP.

However, studies have shown that despite this economic benefit, most Australians don’t believe that the process to migrate to Australia should be made easier.

The Federation of Ethnic Communities Councils of Australia (FECCA) believe that the Australian government should make migration laws simpler. 

"We should facilitate and make it easier for people to become part of the Australian society, rather than making it more difficult and putting more hurdles in front of them."

- FECCA chairperson Joe Caputo, via SBS News

Do you think the migration laws are too strict?