Local News March 23rd 2017

Committal hearing to determine trial.

Local News March 23rd 2017

The court has heard Karen Belej's accused killer was covered "head to toe" in blood when Police arrived at the scene.

37 year old Brandon Osborn appeared at the Mildura Magistrate Court yesterday during the first day of a committal hearing to determine if he will stand trial for murder.

Ms Belej was found shot dead in her Cardross home in May last year. Police also told the court yesterday Osborn appeared agitated when they arrived.

A forensic pathologist who conducted the autopsy on her body said that the examination revealed the victim was shot at “contact” range to her head, meaning it was likely the gun was held right to her head when it was shot.

In the order of events explained by Osborn to Police he said that the gun had gone off when they both reached for it and he then attempted to perform CPR.

The hearing continues today.


The Sunraysia Community is mourning the death of a beloved sportsman, father and man after local electrician Frank Dichiera died suddenly while on the job this week.

The 42 year old is being remembered as a respected, and hardworking family man with a love for sport.

Local media outlets report his teammates are shocked coming to terms with his death after he was just involved in the SCA Semi-Finals over the weekend.

Worksafe Victoria are making inquiries into the workplace death.


Readiness tests to be sat by students across Sunraysia in August and September this year will determine the future of traditional NAPLAN exams

Commonwealth, State and Territory ministers hope to evolve the exam into an online affair rather than being completed with pen and paper.

If the trials are a success all Schools will need to participate in the online NAPLAN exams by 2019.


An artistic campaign is underway to get Wentworth Shire kids thinking about what they should do in a fire.

Fire and Rescue New South Wales are setting up their Brigade Kids poster contest in an aim to unleash the children's creativity and get the key message out to practice their escape plan.

Acting Inspector Steve Brown says that it's not just the kids learning a lot about safety, but, Mums and Dads can educated too.