$1 Million Funding For 'Next-Gen' Condom

"Much room for improvement"

$1 Million Funding For 'Next-Gen' Condom Stock image

There will be a $1 million funding boost from the state government for the development of the 'next generation' condom.

That's right, a new breed of condom is in the works, which will both enhance sexual experience and stop the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.

Human trials of the product will be underway soon, with 30 couples tasked with having sex multiple times and giving back report findings to Eudaemon Technologies - the company behind the new-look condom.

It will be made from hydrogels which will act like latex rubber while lowering the chance of allergies or other issues.

“Women are a key demographic for us, it’s not just about making (sex) feel better for the guy but it’s for women as well,” Eudaemon co-founder Dr Robert Gorkin said.

“We’ve surveyed hundreds of people and it’s the feel of condom that’s a big issue and that’s for men and women. Then smell and taste as well as some people are allergic to them. You ask anyone about condoms and it’s a ‘have to use’ instead of a ‘want to’.

“Yes they’re a very effective medical device but there is so much room for improvement to create a better experience.”