Are We Really The Worst In The Country?

The Most Distracted? Looks Like It.

Are We Really The Worst In The Country?

This is sobering reading and should give us all a reason to think.

According to a new survey from WA drivers are failing when it comes to giving full attention to the road.

The survey of more than 1800 drivers across Australia found too many of us are eating takeaway food (38 per cent), driving in thongs (37 per cent) and reaching into the back of the car to deal with children (20 per cent).

Take a look at the pie chart here and see how many you are guilty of, it's a bit of a worry when you add them up.

I love the "dealing with kids in the back" figure, who among us has either not been on the receiving end of or said to our own kids "don't MAKE me turn this car around"

When you think about it we all have areas to improve and given the dreadful road toll over the weekend in WA the reminder is timely.