Our Listeners Have Been Pranking Other Radio Stations


Our Listeners Have Been Pranking Other Radio Stations

It's the biggest event of the year - so big, that pretty much every other radio station in Sydney is talking about it.

And no, that's not a beat-up. Each year, we ask you to "Show us your MMMs" and get the word out about The Triple M Grill Team's No BS Grand Final Lunch in whatever way you can.

Whether you stick the Triple M logo on a bedsheet and get it on the screen at a footy game, ask your mate with a light plane to tow the Triple M sign across the Sydney skyline or somehow manage to blag your way onto TV to talk about the No BS Lunch, we want to see it.

(Once you do that, enter here. And then check out the other ways you can win tickets while you're at it.)

You know what else is great? Getting on other radio stations to sneak in No BS references. Here are some awesome examples.

John Laws:

Kyle and Jackie O

Ben Fordham

Triple J

Kate, Tim and Marty

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