Teams That Have Exited Finals In Straight Sets (2000-2017)

It's happening a lot recently!

Teams That Have Exited Finals In Straight Sets (2000-2017) Image credit: AAP

Fans of Collingwood and Hawthorn will understandably be feeling a bit downcast following their teams’ losses in the first week of the finals. 

But they should take some comfort from the fact that since the current top-eight system was introduced in 2000, the losing qualifying finalists only have a 17 percent chance of going out in straight sets.

In fact, it’s only happened to six teams - Port Adelaide (2001), West Coast (2007), Geelong (2014), Fremantle (2014), Sydney (2015) and Hawthorn (2016).

However, while it only happened twice in the first 14 years, it’s now happened four times in the last four years. Is the tide turning? The Magpies and Hawks will certainly hope not!

If the Hawks lose to Melbourne, they will become the first team under the current system to bow out in straight sets twice.