BT: Higgins Shouldn't Miss Game Due To Birth

Star Roo has "absolutely no excuse"

BT: Higgins Shouldn't Miss Game Due To Birth Getty Images

Triple M Footy’s Brian Taylor believes North Melbourne star Shaun Higgins shouldn’t have to miss a game of footy because of the birth of his first child.

Higgins has already floated the prospect of him sitting out the Kangaroos’ clash against Hawthorn on Sunday as his wife Heidi is due to give birth any day now.

However, BT told Triple M’s Rush Hour on Wednesday that during his playing days he always made sure each of his kids were induced when they were born to avoid clashes with his footy and that Higgins should do the same.

“Skype it. Just Skype it up and you won’t miss a trick and there’s no reason to miss the big day,” BT said during The Midweek Rub

“You can invite people around to watch the Skype.

“I was there for all of them [his children’s births] and this is where the footballers have got absolutely no excuse at all. 

“Of course we did [plan the births]. We had one whenever we wanted. The end result was a a few days before the due date, or even a week before, you go and see the obstetrician and you say to him, ‘We would like to have the baby next Thursday’.

“And you know what he says? ‘OK, we’ll bring it on and we’ll induce the baby', and everyone of my kids were induced on a particular day to avoid issues.”