Carlton Has Ditched The Grey Clash Strip For 2019

It's gone.

Carlton Has Ditched The Grey Clash Strip For 2019 Image: AAP

Carlton will wear a predominantly white clash strip next season.

The Blues have listened to their fans and will scrap the grey jumper, exchanging it for a white jumper with a blue monogram.

Carlton chief executive officer Cain Liddle said the club had made the change based on feedback.

“We’ve taken on board the subsequent feedback received during the year from our members and supporters in relation to the grey clash guernsey, with the preference being to see the Blues play in our traditional navy and white," he said.

“We’ve listened to our stakeholders and as we’ve done in previous years, we’ll be running out in a predominantly white clash jumper next season.”

He said the preference was always to wear navy blue, but they will revert to white wherever necessary.

“Naturally we would always prefer to wear our iconic navy blue jumper, however we are directed by the AFL on when we are unable to do so, and clash games are an example of this. That being said, whenever we are unable to wear our traditional navy blue, we will be reverting to the traditional white clash,” he said.