Check Out The Full Norm Smith Votes

All four judges

Check Out The Full Norm Smith Votes Image: Channel 7

Luke Shuey was awarded the Norm Smith Medal after getting near unanimously voted best on ground in West Coast’s win over Collingwood.

Shuey got 11 of 12 possible votes for his 34 disposal, nine clearance game, winning ahead of Taylor Adams who picked up seven votes.

The full votes:

11 - Luke Shuey 3332

7 - Taylor Adams 322

4 - Don Sheed 211

1 - Tom Langdon 1

1 - Jeremy McGovern 1


Three of the four judges gave Shuey maximum votes, with Gavin Wanganeen preferring the game of Adams.

The breakdown:

Gavin Wanganeen (chair) - 3 Adams, 2 Shuey, 1 McGovern

Wayne Carey - 3 Shuey, 2 Adams, 1 Sheed

Bridget Lacy - 3 Shuey, 2 Adams, 1 Sheed

John Longmire - 3 Shuey, 2 Sheed, 1 Langdon

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