James Brayshaw Speaks Out About Angus Brayshaw's Concussion

"I chatted to him last night"

James Brayshaw Speaks Out About Angus Brayshaw's Concussion

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James Brayshaw has spoken to his nephew Angus on his latest concussion.

Angus Brayshaw was concussed for the third time in a year in the VFL on Saturday night.

JB revealed on the Tuesday Rub he spoke to Angus about the incident.

"I chatted to him last night," he said.

"Angus is a very smart kid, doing a double degree in engineering and commerce, so he's got a huge future ahead of him in the workplace as well as on the footy field."

JB said Angus was mostly disappointed because it pushes a possible AFL return further back.

"He said it was a very, very minor knock," he said.

"He thought he was absolutely fine to keep playing, he understood when the doctors came on and said 'mate, you're out, you're not coming back on', he was shattered, because mainly he said (he) just wanted to keep playing so that (he) could play next week in the seniors.

"That's the sort of kid he is. He just wants to play for Melbourne in the seniors, and anything that's going to stop him from doing that, he gets very disappointed with.

"But he's been very well educated by the medical staff as to how serious it is."