Jay-Z: Suns Could Lose Five Star Players

Lynch the tip of the iceberg?

Jay-Z: Suns Could Lose Five Star Players

Triple M Footy’s Jay Clark has suggested that Tom Lynch’s departure might only be the tip of the iceberg for Gold Coast this off-season.

Jay-Z reckons the Suns could be on the receiving end of a massive fire sale with Jack Martin, Steven May, David Swallow and Aaron Hall all potentially joining new clubs as well.


“Jack Martin, I think Essendon have got a very strong interest in him. Collingwood are into Steven May, David Swallow I think the Perth clubs have been having a chat to him for about 4-5 years,” he told Triple M’s Rush Hour on Friday.

“I wouldn’t be surprised to see Aaron Hall leave either, the Melbourne footy club were after him.” 

Jay-Z didn’t blame Lynch at all for deciding to leave Gold Coast after eight barren seasons up there. 

“Tom Lynch is leaving, like all the other players from Gold Coast, because your house isn’t in order,” he said. 

Jay-Z reckons the Suns will go “cap in hand” to the AFL at the end of the season asking for more money, salary cap space and priority draft picks in a bid to get the struggling expansion club on the right track “once and for all”.