Should More Clubs Get To Play On Anzac Day?

"Imagine all the derbies"

Should More Clubs Get To Play On Anzac Day?

Anzac Day is one of the marquee dates on the AFL fixture, with the Collingwood v Essendon match now one of the biggest games of the year.

But is it time for the Pies and Dons to share the big stage with more clubs?

Kenny Cunningham and Andrew Jarman broached the subject on Triple M Adelaide's Dead Set Legends on Sunday, and they think it’s time.

“I don’t believe just Collingwood and Essendon should have Anzac Day to themselves,” KG said.

“It’s just a special day — it should be shared by other clubs, no doubt about it.

“I’ve always said that, but it’s Kevin Sheedy’s baby so they’ve hijacked it.”

The boys had a few ideas as to which fixtures should be played to compliment Collingwood v Essendon.

“Just imagine having, say, Eagles v Fremantle, just imagine all the derbies playing around the country on Anzac Day,” Jars said.

“Yep, GWS v Sydney, in Perth you got West Coast v Fremantle, here (in South Australia) you’ve got the Showdown,” KG said.

“Wouldn’t you like to see that?” Jars asked.

“[They could] still have their Essendon v Collingwood stoush… wouldn’t that be sensational?”

KG went on to reiterate his stance.

“I don’t think two clubs should solely and wholly own Anzac Day,” he said.

“Only Collingwood or Essendon, only one of those players can win the Anzac Medal.”

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