Tex Walker Reported After Bump On Zach Tuohy

Will he get weeks?

Tex Walker Reported After Bump On Zach Tuohy Image: Channel 7

Adelaide skipper Taylor Walker has been reported after a bump on Geelong defender Zach Tuohy.

Tuohy was trying to tap the footy on when Tex collected him with a bump to the head.

Watch the incident here:



Tuohy has gone down to the Geelong change rooms for a concussion test.

Triple M commentator Mark Ricciuto says that Tex is in strife.

“When you go to bump, you only have to get it wrong by a matter of inches or centimetres,” Roo said.

“If you get ‘em too high, you are in trouble… definitely got him high, if we had to make a call at this stage, you’d say the big man might be in a little bit of trouble.”

Mark Ricciuto has explained why Adelaide gave Rory Sloane a five-year deal.


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