David Nofoaluma's Big Gesture For Tigers Faithful

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David Nofoaluma's Big Gesture For Tigers Faithful

Image: @josh_massoud

Tigers fans can breathe a sigh of relief, with David Nofoaluma making a big gesture to prove that he's committed to the club after signing a four-year deal extending his stay at the Tigers.

It has been revealed that Nofoaluma waived the traditional 10-day cooling off period on his contract in order to provide some stability to the club.

He and Luke Brooks are the two main figures to have re-signed with the club, following the expected departure of Mitch Moses, Aaron Woods and James Tedesco.

Normal procedure is for a 10-day cooling off period following the inking of the deal, however Nofoaluma believed that the TigersĀ and their fans needed some positive news after a rough week for the club.

"I signed a waiver so I'm done," he said.

"I love this club. It's my junior club and it's my local club."

While the Eels were chasing his signature, Nofoaluma said that he was comfortable with his place in the Tigers squad.

"There were a few teams but the team that was chasing me the hardest was Parramatta," he said.

"I obviously spoke to Ivan and he knows what he's doing and he's a good coach.

"I'm sure he's going to do the right thing by the club and he convinced me to stay and I want to stay under him."

And in a show of solidarity, Nofoaluma even signed off on the tweet announcing his commitment to the club with bus emojisĀ - a call-back to coach Cleary's statement that players are either on or off the bus when it comes to deciding their futures.