Reports The NRL Is Looking To Implement EXPLOSIVE Changes

Huge ramifications

Reports The NRL Is Looking To Implement EXPLOSIVE Changes

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There are reports that the NRL is looking to make the code more transparent, with unprecedented levels of access on the cards.

Triple M and the Australian's Brent Read has said the the NRL is chasing access to players' bank accounts, tax returns and phone records, and there was a big meeting during the week with the NRL and the Players Union.

"The NRL hasn't put a line through it, and they're keen to have those powers," Ready said.

It's unlikely that such a move is going to be welcomed by players.

"Everything is leaked - do you think I'm going to give them my personal bank details?" Triple M's Paul Gallen said.

"I wouldn't be an advocate and I wouldn't be giving out my personal details.

"I have nothing to hide and if they become an organisation where the government gives them power to do it, I have no problems handing it over."

The move would see the NRL given access based on 'reasonable suspicion', but the exact definition of this term remains without clarification.

"Would Todd Greenberg and all the NRL staff want their stuff out there? Do we get to look at what they're on and what sort of money they're earning?" Triple M's Wendell Sailor said.

Expect to hear more about this in the coming week.