You Have To Hear Klemmer Gush About His Bromance With Woods


You Have To Hear Klemmer Gush About His Bromance With Woods

It was the friendship that started the storm regarding Aaron Woods' unconfirmed move to the Bulldogs next year, with Origin mates David Klemmer and Woodsy meeting for a coffee a few days before the Tigers v Bulldogs clash last weekend.

Speaking on Triple M's Dead Set Legends, Klemmer revealed the extent of the friendship, and confirmed Aaron Woods' claim that the pair met so Woodsy could pass on some baby stuff. Listen to the full interview below.

"He gave me a new knitted blanket for the little fella with his name and initials on it, and some nappies which I really needed," Klemmer said.

When Triple M's Peter Sterling asked why him and Woods get on so well, Klemmer said it was an easy friendship.

"We're very similar people, similar sort of paths to get into fist grade, and he's really helped me out with lifestyle and things off the field - he's a really good person," Klemmer said.

"He's a good person to lean on and a good footy player as well.

"He's only a couple of years older than me, but the way he's paved his path has really shown me some advice and helped me best the best footballer I can."