Nate Diaz Wants $15 Million For Next UFC Fight

"He's a star right now"

Nate Diaz Wants $15 Million For Next UFC Fight Getty Images

Nate Diaz's coach, Richard Perez, has named the price it will take for Diaz to step back into the Octagon. 

When quizzed as to how much it would take for Diaz to face Welterweight Champion, Tyrone Woodley (at UFC 219 on December 31), Coach Perez named the staggering amount on the Submission Radio Podcast

"15 million (dollars) easy. Easy. Cause, I mean, he’s (Nate) a star right now," Perez said. 

However, even though Diaz is being touted to fight Woodley, Perez believes this isn't the fight the world wants to see.

"But what everybody wants to really see is (Conor) McGregor and Nathan. That’s all I ever hear," Perez told the Submission Radio Podcast. 

"People texting me all the time, they call me all the time, it’s still constantly, 'when are they fighting? That’s all we want to see'.

"That’s the fight, that’s the best fight to watch right now. You know, cause the last two fights were great, so the third one has to finish.

"We have to find out the outcome of that one. So that’s where it should be at now."

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