Macca's Has Launched An Apple Pie McFlurry

This looks good!

Macca's Has Launched An Apple Pie McFlurry Image: Uber Eats

McDonald's has released a brand new menu item - the Apple Pie McFlurry.

Macca's has launched the hybrid dessert exclusively on Uber Eats until Tuesday, and then nationwide in every McDonald's store from Wednesday onwards.

The dessert contains your standard soft serve topped with an apple pie as well as warm caramel sauce.

According to Uber Eats, one in four McDonald's apple pies were order alongside a sundae on their delivery service.

So we can only imagine the amount of people that have combined the two.

"We've teamed up with McDonald's to give you the first taste of two iconic desserts, combined by popular demand," they wrote.

Get stuck in, because they've said it's only for a limited time.