The 5 Most Batsh*t Crazy Stunts Tom Cruise Pulled Off For Mission: Impossible

This guy is absolutely nuts!

The 5 Most Batsh*t Crazy Stunts Tom Cruise Pulled Off For Mission: Impossible Image: Paramount

Tom Cruise is the undeniable king of the blockbuster stunt in Hollywood today - and the Mission: Impossible franchise is where he has perfected his craft.

Since the first film hit the screens in 1996, right up until the latest offering Mission: Impossible - Fallout that is in cinemas from August 2, Cruise has made many directors nervous.

Here are his 5 most batsh*t crazy stunts over the last 20 years:

5. Bridge Shootout (Mission: Impossible III)

In the third outing - MI3 - Cruise was determined to perfect this shot where he ran full speed and got slammed into a car as he was trying to outrun a missile.


4. Hanging From The Roof (Mission: Impossible)

Possibly the most iconic scene from the franchise came from the first film when Cruise dangled from the ceiling to complete his mission. The crew were impressed with his ability to hang and perform the shot over days of filming.


3. Rock Climbing (Mission: Impossible II)

The opening scene from MI2 shows Cruise free-climbing a giant cliff face in Utah. To the director's 'terror', he refused to fake the shot on a smaller rock with a safety net - instead performing the stunt with just a thin safety cable.


2. Catching A Plane (Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation)

Cruise actually performed this stunt in 2015's Rogue Nation 8 times to perfect it's authenticity - and it's absolutely nuts to watch.


1. Climbing The Burj (Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol)

Widely considered one of the craziest stunts ever performed, Cruise set the bar impossibly high in the fourth film of the franchise. He actually scaled the outside of the world's highest building - even while some of the crew couldn't be on the same floor as where the scene was being shot due to their fear of the height.


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